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What is a Dyno Tune

A Dyno Tune is a precision based Tune while testing your bikes ability and throttle control without ever leaving the building. We use a state of the art DYNOmite PRO 800 Eddy Current Dyno. The dynotune consists of part throttle tuning and full throttle max power tuning. The bike will leave with more power,be more responsive, and run cooler. You will also receive pics and video of the tuning process.



Time slots are limited and are at a first come/first serve basis.  Contact us today to book your time. Deposit is required to lock in on the calendar.

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Dyno Tuning is done at:

Xplane R1 Custom Tuning

2 Executive Estates Drive

Millstadt IL 62260



Your Tune will be specifically designed for your bike, meaning all power that your bike is willing to make will be pulled out with this ultra customized, highly effective process

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