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Got my ECU back today from having Nick Marino work his magic on it.  I now see why people speak so highly of him.  My bike is like an all new beast that has been let off its chain.  The power and smoothness is incredible.The extremely fast turnaround time and excellent

Michael Knight

Had my ECU flashed by Nick Marino and after days of riding, wanted to give a huge thank you to Nick and to everyone who has spoke so highly of him.  It was literally because of his customers rave reviews that I decided to go with him!  Some said haha you're not going to be able to hang on to your bike and I laughed a little....I'm having trouble staying on my bike!

Scott Michael Folsom

"OK just got my ECU back from the man Nick Marino. Been ridding on it all weekend, I'm completely blow away! This man is a mad scientist, for starters I thought my r1 was fast when I bought it! It's night and day period! I have power throughout the entire RPM range like I've never felt, my throttle is crisper and ten times more responsive. Bikes running cooler than ever, I had a Power Commander v with a dyno tune set up on it. His tune out the gate without even putting it on a dyno blows that tune away on so many different aspects! If you own a yamaha with a cross plane engine and have yet to let this man do his work..... You really have NO idea what your missing! His costumer service is one of a kind, I ask a million questions he answered all of them in a very fast manner! I have nothing but respect for this guy's work. I'm gladly rockin his decal and dropping his name every chance I get, when someone ask me about my bike. Do yourself a favor let this man do his work on your ECU you will not regret it I guarantee you!!"

West Tyndell

2013 R1

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