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ECU-Based Auto-Blipper/ Quickshift Retrofit Kit

The 2018+ Yamaha R1 and R1M are equipped with a standard Auto-Blip/Quickshift system from the factory. However, the stock OEM shift sensor requires a lot of shaft travel compared to our sensor in order to trigger the system. Our single sensor is smaller, lighter, and needs far less shaft movement to activate the Auto-Blipper/Quickshift mechanism. This results in crisper, more positive, and even quicker shifting, without the sometimes laggy response of the stock sensor.

This kit does not require an ECU flash or flash harness. The FTECU harness adapter connects to the stock harness.

Note: Red sensor lead wire is PUSH, Black sensor wire is PULL

This kit includes:
– 1 PUSH/PULL Type Shift Sensor
– 1 Type A shift rod
– 1 Type H shift rod
– QSS/Auto-Blipper Harness adapter to connect your new sensor to your stock ECU harness.

2018-19 Yamaha R1/R1M Auto-Blip Downshift Retrofit Kit

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