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Available for: 2020-2024 Yamaha R1 and R1M


Throttle mapping:

Each PWR mode has fully optimized throttle mapping. Each is independent of each other. PWR 1 is the most aggressive and tapers down to PWR 4. All modes have full power at WOT, but the rate at which it reaches full throttle is different at each PWR mode. The on/off/on throttle transitions are smooth as butter.


Ignition mapping:

Ignition timing has changed drastically also. Timing down low was altered to help the bike run cooler. Timing at WOT was adjusted to safely increase power with detonation. Midrange timing had minimal adjustments.



Fuel was adjusted in all areas and a lot was needed down low as the initial hit was very lean. Typical on the R1. Part throttle and full throttle have Been adjusted.


Engine brake:

Engine brake was nicely smoothed out snd made more linear instead of progressive. It’s a lot easier on the wrists



The kill times for the QS were adjusted per rpm range and per gear. Oem kill times are pretty slow and the bike would dip hard on shifts and lose momentum. I’ve adjusted this to shift as fast as possible at full throttle and to smooth out part throttle as well (you can see this in my videos)


Velocity stacks (crossover rpm):

This test involved adjusted at which point the stacks raise and lower. Variable stacks are probably Yamaha’s greatest feature. I did about 20 changes and found a rpm that the bike really liked and saw a nice jump in power strictly from this change


Launch control:

So I had to take the bike off the dyno to test this one. It can’t be done on the dyno since the front wheel is immobile. Stock was pretty close IMO, and I just made a couple small changes that worked very well.


Top speed limiter removed..

Rev Limiter increased by 500rpms

Disabled 02 sensors, smog, exup..

Fan temp was Lowered to keep the bike running significantly cooler during hot weather


***Dynotunes are available as well. Email us to get on the schedule. There are no refunds on ecu flashes. For off-road use only



Current Customers Flashed by Xplane R1 Custom Tuning: Contact us for your reflash code -


Ship your ECU to:

XPlane R1 Custom Tuning

2 Executive Estates Drive, Millstadt IL 62260

If you ship your ecu to me with a signature request and I'm not available to sign for it, your package may be delayed by 1-3 days



2020-2024 Yamaha R1 ECU Flash & 22+MT/FZ10 (SP)

Xplane R1 Custom Tuning Decal Color
  • ECU Flash for US and International Spec Bikes.  Refer to Services tabs to see all options available for your flash.  All ECU flashes have been created by street data logging and dyno tuning.


    *Dyno Tune flashes available.  Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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