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We can tune all 00-24 S1KRR ecus, some features are specific to the 19+ model


Testing was done on a “new” 2020 S1K in 100% stock form on my in house DYNOmite 800pro Eddy Current Dyno. After finishing tuning on a stock bike, we then we added the typical bolts ons including a full Akra system, Sprint filter, and relocated the IAT sensor



2 of the biggest complaints on the BMW are:


  • Cold start issues in stock form and cold start issues with a full exhaust. The cold start issues that almost every new S1K has is having to try to start the bike 3-5 times before it actually stays running as well as an idle that’s higher than “normal”. Also a stock ecu produces a heavy idle surge after installing an exhaust. This is no longer an issue with the Xplane tune



  • Lower rpm feeling like a “600cc bike". As you’ll see from the graphs(see pics above) this is no longer an issue as we’ve picked up 41-50(50ish with aftermarket exhaust)whp down low in the rpms.


Peak power had a gain as well, but as many know this bike isn’t as restricted up top compared to jap bikes, it’s actually the opposite. Down low it is restricted heavily compared to the top end. That being said we still have an increase in peak.


Engine braking is nice and smooth, rev limit has been increased to 15,000 rpms and the dyno shows it pulls very strong up to it.


This bike also has a closed loop AFR self tuning system from the factory. After forcing the ecu to stay in closed loop, it uses the factory wideband system to tune the bike to a designated AFR that I’ve commanded. One thing I found tho, was the oem sensors didn’t react as fast as I was hoping, so I self tuned the bike like every other bike I do to get the AFR close to the target that I wanted and then let the factory system do it’s job.


Also, with this system there’s no need to pull over on the side of the road and retune if you travel. The bike will correct itself and also had the capability to run different fuels. You want to run MR12 simply drain the pump gas and put in MR12 and go race it. AFR will stay nice and safe.


Also just like all of my other flashes for Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Ducati, Honda, Harley Davidson, etc. there are no stages. You get everything possible with my flash. All Reflashes are free, and if woolich comes out with new updates(and they will), and if those features are free to me, then they’re free to you as well.


This is a mail in service. All I need is your ecu. No key. No ignition. Just the ecu by itself.


Stock ecu: 180whp

Xplane tuned stock Bike: 187whp/75.5tq.. 7whp peak gain/41 low/mid range

Xplane tuned full Akra, filter, IAT relocate on pump gas 202whp/82TQ.. That's  15whp/7TQ peak over a tuned stock exhaust bike. Then comparing to a stock bike the gains are 22whp peak, 50whp down low in the rpms!!


In conclusion your cold start issues are resolved in stock form, and full bolt on form, option to run race fuel mapping with no further tuning, lower fan temp engagement, smooth out engine braking on decel, full scale ignition timing revisions where needed, smoother acceleration, better on/off/on throttle transitions, removal of all restrictions, no idle surge, closed loop AFR for adaptive fuel changes, my custom built throttle mapping for a smooth yet aggressive response, a very steady 1500-1600 idle rpm, option to have different power levels in different modes,   and other little features.


Also available for :





R 1250GS

R 1250RT




For offroad use only

All ecu flashes are final, no refunds


If you ship your ecu to me with a signature request and I'm not available to sign for it, your package may be delayed by 1-3 days


09-24 BMW ECU Flash/Tune

$700.00 Regular Price
$650.00Sale Price
Xplane R1 Custom Tuning Decal Color
  • ECU Flash for US and International Spec Bikes.  Refer to Services tabs to see all options available for your flash.  All ECU flashes have been created by street data logging and dyno tuning.


    *Dyno Tune flashes available.  Contact Us to schedule an appointment.

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