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This Kit lets your FTECU equipped bike tune itself as you ride!

Once installed and activated, the ActiveTune kit monitors the fuel mixture making fast and consistent changes to mitigate changing fuel requirements.

Our breakthrough system replaces your inadequate stock O2 sensor with a proprietary FTECU lambda controller and the latest generation Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor.

This kit requires:
– Data-Link ECU Flashing Kit ( bike harness required for tuning / data acquisition )
– Exhaust with a standard 18×1.5 O2 sensor bung (optionally cylinder specific bungs)
– Smog block-offs or disabled AIS valve

This kit includes:
– 1 FTECU KAW-01 Lambda Controller
– 1 Bosch LSU4.9 wideband O2 sensor
– 1 Product Activation Card

Currently available models
– 2016+ ZX10
– 2015+ H2

Kawasaki ActiveTune AFR closed-loop self-tuning ECU kit

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