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Spark Exhaust Technology Yamaha R1 (2015+) "Grid-O" Titanium Full Exhaust System 65MM (WSBK Evolution). Constructed with a titanium silencer, titanium mid-pipe, and titanium racing header. The full system is the state-of-the-art product developed together with teams racing important championships all over the world. Besides the study of the collectors' best sizing for performance optimization, the technologies and the structural details of such product ensure top reliability. In fact, many teams have chosen Spark to face the Endurance World Championship. From the aesthetic point of view the segmented connecting tube is striking, with visible weldings enhancing the racing soul of the product. Weldings, segments and cones that are not merely a formal exercise but necessary solutions: after repeated bench tests such specific cones - out of the production standards - have been chosen as they allow the best torque. Handcrafted in Italy. Ultra lightweight approximately 2.2kg. Dyno Tested for maximum horsepower increase over stock, 112+ db. Non-Homologated Racing Version for Maximum Performance. For perfect performance, throttle response and durability, ECU remapping is recommended.

Spark Yamaha R1 "Grid-O" Titanium Full Exhaust System (WSBK Evolution) (2015+)

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